Sofia Monika Swatek is a polish artist and interior designer based in Dublin, Ireland since 2007. She has successfully continued developing her career internationally as a painter and an art curator at MadArt Gallery, established in 2008. In November 2012 she opened In-spire Galerie where apart from supporting other artists she also works with young people teaching painting and drawing. Swatek predominately uses mixed media to develop an independent  work . The theme of her painting mainly includes expressive female nudes and portraits.

          "A few years ago a very talented artist I had an occasion to work with told me: 'If I would like to talk about art or myself I would become a writer. Not a painter'. At this stage I completely share this point of view. Painting is a unique language of expression to me. There is no need for words when it comes to this kind of creativity. I think we should never take away from viewers their right to see and feel a piece of art the way they want. We should never violate their freedom of interpretation and impression.

          My interests in interior design developed over several years especially through my work experience in numerous art galleries where I was providing an advisory service to clients. Very often I was visiting homes of clients to help them in picking proper art pieces that would be ideal for the style and colors in their homes. That lead me into developing my knowledge about interior design and creating a portfolio. I enjoy the challenge of transforming a space and by doing this creating a beautiful and functional environment. While doing this I try to incorporate art which for me is an interregnal element to my work. ".